Models, Trading Calendar and Momentum Strategy Updates

February 27, 2015 • Posted in Calendar Effects, Fundamental Valuation, Momentum Investing

We have updated the S&P 500 Market Models summary as follows:

  • Extended Market Models regressions/rolled projections by one month based on data available through February 2015.
  • Updated Market Models backtest charts and the market valuation metrics map based on data available through February 2015.

We have updated the Trading Calendar to incorporate data for February 2015.

We have updated the the monthly asset class momentum winners and associated performance data at Momentum Strategy.

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Current Momentum Winners

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Gross Compound Annual Growth Rates
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Top 1 ETF Top 2 ETFs
15.0% 15.8%
Top 3 ETFs SPY
15.2% 8.0%
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