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How About Bert Dohmen?

| | Posted in: Individual Gurus

A reader asked: “I have heard about Bert Dohmen’s research. Can you please shed any light on him and/or his research?”

The information at Dohmen Capital Research appears to be mostly promotional copy and opinion rather than research.

Without a continuous set of his past commentaries covering a reasonably long period, there is no way to confirm or refute the claims in Bert Dohmen’s “Track Record.” The record may derive from Bert Dohmen’s biased retrospective selection and interpretation of his past commentaries.

There is apparently no detailed and continuous record on the site of the returns for the investment positions Bert Dohmen has recommended ( such as security, purchase date/price and sell date/price with assumptions on trading frictions). Such a record would be useful in assessing the validity of the general claims made in his “Track Record.”

In the disclaimer at the end of the sample copy of the Wellington Letter and the end of the sample copy of Smarte Traders, Bert Dohmen provides the following self-assessment of his advice: “…we do not represent that it is accurate or complete or that it should be relied upon.”

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