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How About Roger Conrad?

| | Posted in: Individual Gurus

A reader asked: “Can you evaluate Roger Conrad in Guru Grades?”

According to Investing Daily, market commentator Roger Conrad “is editor of Utility Forecaster, the nation’s leading advisory on essential services stocks, bonds and preferred stocks.” He is also editor of Canadian Edge, which appears to focuses on Canadian oil/energy trusts. These sites are part of KCI Investing, a division of Capitol Information Group Inc.

KCI Investing’s disclaimer states:

“The information contained in this Web site has been carefully compiled from sources believed to be reliable, but its completeness, accuracy or usefulness is not guaranteed. Some of the advice and information on this site may be inconsistent or contrary to advice and information published at a subsequent date. KCI Communications, Inc., its officers and owners, the editors and their respective affiliates, or accounts managed by such persons, may from time-to-time have a position in investments referred to in this Web site. Under no circumstances shall KCI Communications, Inc. or its affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or any other type of damages resulting from your use or downloading of any content on this site.”

The Utility Forecaster and Canadian Edge web sites apparently offer some investing performance data (Portfolios/How They Rate and Portfolios/How They Rate, respectively), but these data are available only to subscribers. Publicly available information does not support evaluation of the attractiveness or credibility of Roger Conrad’s performance results.

Roger Conrad’s articles posted at Investing Daily overlap considerably with his archive at Financial Sense, with the latter terminating in May 2008. The narrowness of the content in these articles does not fit the Guru Grades methodology of assessing accuracy of forecasts for the overall U.S. stock market. There are a few references to Roger Conrad within MarketWatch, but not enough to support useful inference. There are no references to him within TheStreet.com.

In summary, there is not enough public information on these sites to support due diligence on the investment performance of Roger Conrad’s advice. There may be enough information in his past writings on utility and Canadian energy markets/stocks for an assiduous reader to assess his expertise in these specific areas.

Prospective subscribers could consider requiring access to Roger Conrad’s investing performance data before subscribing.

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