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No Updates on Jim Puplava?

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A reader commented and asked: “I’ve been a fan of Jim Puplava and John Loeffler’s podcast program for quite a while now, and it’s been a lighthouse in these times. Their investment advice has been just excellent for a bearish economy like this. I jumped onto your site and found they only scored 40% in the Guru Grades, but that your criteria only extends to 2007. Are they being updated on the chart anymore?”

The evaluation of Jim Puplava’s stock market forecasts is based on his archive of regular written market commentaries, covering roughly early 2002 through early 2005, at which point he discontinued publishing them. Since there are no forecasts less than one year old, the status of the evaluation is “dormant,” as indicated in the Guru Grades summary table.

Evaluating comments in podcasts and videos is impractical due to the time it takes to listen to them and transcribe verbal discussions.

It is possible that the 2002-2005 period is not representative of Jim Puplava’s overall forecasting prowess, but he specifies the period by providing the archive. for example, it is possible that he has a somewhat constant (bearish) perspective that did not fit the market very well then but does now. It is also possible that the judgment applied in grading his forecasts at Guru Grades is inaccurate – you can decide for yourself by reviewing the commentaries, excerpts and grades.

The evaluation has been updated to fix a broken link, add evaluation close-out verbiage and reconcile an apparent change to Jim Puplava’s commentary archive (apparent deletion of an October 2005 commentary).

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