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Reclama from Martin Goldberg

Posted in Individual Gurus

Martin Goldberg sent a comment on our review of his stock market commentaries (“Martin Goldberg: Financial Sense?”). The following exchange presents Mr. Goldberg’s message without editing.

Martin Goldberg writes (7/12/08):

I would think that in March when I said that “if the daily market action could spoil your day, your commitments are too great”, you would to have had to consider that a “+” not a “-“.

Response (7/13/08):

Your more specific observation that “the market is in a downtrend” coincides with the early part of an approximate 10% advance in the S&P 500 index during March-May, as depicted in the chart. The additional comment, while vague, gives context that might help a reader understand your negative outlook.

We verified the sender’s identity by comparing the sender’s email address with that provided with the source commentaries at Financial Sense Online and by consistent response following successful reply to the email address.

As always, we suggest readers decide for themselves which sources have value, and which do not.

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