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AI and Asset Management

October 6, 2023 • Posted in Investing Expertise

Will emerging artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as the generative large language model ChatGPT have important roles in the economy, including asset management? In his September 2023 paper entitled “Generative AI: Overview, Economic Impact, and Applications in Asset Management”, Martin Luk reviews the evolution of generative AI models, their economic impact and their applications in asset management. Specifically, he covers:

  • Key innovations and methodologies in large language models such as ChatGPT and in image-based, multimodal and tool-using generative AI models.
  • Impacts of generative AI on jobs and productivity in various industries, with focus on uses in investment management.
  • Dangers and risks associated with the use of generative AI, including the issue of hallucinations.

Based on review of nearly 200 source papers, he concludes that: (more…)

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