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ChatGPT Interpretation of Firm Earnings Calls

February 22, 2024 • Posted in Investing Expertise, Sentiment Indicators

Can ChatGPT find red flags in firm earnings calls? In their January 2024 paper entitled “Unusual Financial Communication – Evidence from ChatGPT, Earnings Calls, and the Stock Market”, Lars Beckmann, Heiner Beckmeyer, Ilias Filippou, Stefan Menze and Guofu Zhou test the ability of ChatGPT-4 Turbo to identify and analyze unusual content and tone aspects of S&P 500 earnings calls. Unusualness has 25 dimensions derived from executive behaviors, analyst questions, specific content or technical issues. They examine correlations of unusualness with firm characteristics, industry and macroeconomic indicators across business cycles. They validate unusualness by looking at associated stock returns and trading volumes from one day before through one day after earnings calls. Using transcripts of S&P 500 earnings calls from Refinitiv, firm characteristics/stock trading data and macroeconomic data during January 2015 through December 2022, they find that:


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