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The Post-publication Value Premium

March 5, 2020 • Posted in Value Premium

Does the value premium for U.S. stocks, as measured by book-to-market ratio, persist after its initial discovery/publication in 1992? In their January 2020 paper entitled “The Value Premium”, Eugene Fama and Kenneth French assess whether the value premium in the U.S. declines or disappears in a post-publication sample that is as long as the discovery sample. Unlike many researchers, they focus on difference in returns between high book-to-market (value) stocks and the value-weighted market, not the return spread between value and low book-to-market (growth) stocks. To control for firm market capitalization effects, they consider separately stocks with capitalizations above (big) and below (small) the NYSE median. They specify value (growth) stocks as those at or above the 70th (below the 30th) percentile of book-to-market values of NYSE stocks. They re-sort stocks at the end of each June, with book-to-market ratio measured at the end of the fiscal year during the prior calendar year.┬áThe overall value premium is the capitalization-weighted combination of big value and small value. Using annual book-to-market ratios and market capitalizations, and monthly returns, for all NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stocks during July 1963 through June 2019, they find that:


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