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Investors Behaving Badly?

…behavioral finance adds elements of human irrationality to the standard finance foundation concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Markets Hypothesis.

Technically, It Pays to Think Small

…a trading strategy based on simple moving averages is most appropriate for small capitalization stocks.

When Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Sell!

…stock market returns and volatility reflect investor uncertainty regarding the likelihood and nature of Congressional activity. This effect is economically significant.

Feeling Pushed Around? Are Your $ in Jeopardy?

In case the market’s got you down…

Fed Model Versus P/E Model

…the Fed Model better describes the behavior of the market P/E over the past forty years than does a mean-reverting model.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify(?)

…some risk-tolerant investors successfully exploit significant informational advantages by concentrating their portfolios in a few stocks that they know well.

Weighting for Returns

In his December 2004 paper, Jason Hsu shows that: “Cap-Weighted Portfolios Are Sub-optimal Portfolios”. Noting that over $10 trillion are currently invested in passive capitalization-weighted indices, he examines data from 1962-2003 to show that:

Trust Me, It’s a Great Stock

…if you consider analyst recommendations when picking stocks, you really should check for investment banking conflicts. Better yet, just ignore the analysts.

Short Kiss of Death?

…underperformance of high short interest stocks may be limited to those with high levels of informed (non-arbitrage, non-noise) trading.

Information-Based Trading

…the higher the probability that trading in a stock is informed, the greater the size and persistence of stock price movement.