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Buying on Impulse (Change in Momentum)

…focusing on stocks with both high six-month momentum and rapidly increasing six-month momentum offers significant excess returns.

Value Versus Growth: The Winner Is…

In their August 2005 paper entitled “Value Versus Growth: Stochastic Dominance Criteria”, Abhay Abhyankar, Keng-Yu Ho and Huainan Zhao apply stochastic dominance techniques to assess the relative performance of value and growth investment strategies in U.S. equity markets over the past half century. These techniques: (1) compare entire return distributions (not just means or medians);… Keep Reading

Individuals => Institutions: One-Way Flow?

…individual investors are systematic stock trading losers; institutions, systematic winners. Individual investors may well be relatively overconfident (despite lack of investing education) and thrill-seeking compared to institutional investors.

The Ghosts of Stocks Past

…individual investors should exercise special care when considering the repurchase of stocks previously owned or the purchase of more of stocks already owned to ensure that their intellects are in charge of their feelings.

Testing the Halloween Effect

…the average investor in the U.S. equities will have difficulty avoiding relatively poor returns during the summer. They should focus on the winter months.

International Fed Model Test

…while changes in bond yields have short-term effects on stock prices, valuation ratios better forecast long-term stock market behavior.

What Drives Buybacks and Insider Trading?

…the quality (more than the quantity) of emerging earnings moves corporate officers to adjust repurchasing and personal trading of company stock.

Are Individuals Big Picture or Little Picture Traders?

…individual investors can look at their own trading patterns for clustering to assess whether they act like big picture or little picture traders.

Earnings Guidance Lags the Market?

…while there is a weak negative correlation between aggregate downward earnings guidance and monthly stock market returns, the stock market probably leads the guidance.

What Happens to Stocks Going on the Regulation SHO Threshold List?

…excess returns of the higher-priced stocks entering the Regulation SHO threshold list merit some consideration.