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The Best Benchmarkers, Ever!

…stocks have significantly outperformed less risky asset classes in the U.S. for over 200 years. Volatility comes with the outperformance.

What It Takes to Drive the Big (Hedge Fund) Rigs

…smart young (hedge fund) drivers wanted.

Technical Trading Thoroughly Tested

…technical analysis can be significantly profitable when applied to relatively immature stock indices (NASDAQ Composite and Russell 2000) but not when applied to mature stock indices (DJIA and S&P 500). Speed of information dissemination and liquidity for stocks within an index may be critical to the success of technical analysis on that index.

Easy Trader

Is this process too easy for the average investor?

Disagree with Me? Idiot! Liar! Basher! Pumper!

…stock message boards, used with caution, have some value.

Focus Investment in Foreign Markets?

…Mr. Bennett would recommend focusing long-term, non-U.S. investments in Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and perhaps South Africa and India. “The Anglosphere is where the action is going to be.”

How’s Your Mutual Fund Doing?

In case your mutual fund’s got you down…

Investors Behaving Badly?

…behavioral finance adds elements of human irrationality to the standard finance foundation concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Markets Hypothesis.

Technically, It Pays to Think Small

…a trading strategy based on simple moving averages is most appropriate for small capitalization stocks.

When Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Sell!

…stock market returns and volatility reflect investor uncertainty regarding the likelihood and nature of Congressional activity. This effect is economically significant.