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Can Real Estate Experts Provide Reliable Advice for Commercial Property Investing?

…it is doubtful that commercial real estate experts can accurately forecast returns from investments in commercial properties by type or location.

The (Dynamic) Meanings of Buy, Hold and Sell

…lead underwriter sell recommendations may be the only analyst calls worth tracking.

A Contrarian Play on Small Profitability Laggers?

…small capitalization stocks with low past profitability may be key to exploiting the size effect.

Bet Against Big Sympathy Moves?

…investors appear to overreact systematically in projecting a firm’s earnings results to the near-term earnings announcements of peer companies.

Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical Inference to Trading Signals (Chapter-by-Chapter Review)

…”much of the wisdom comprising the popular version of TA does not qualify as legitimate knowledge,” and “TA must evolve into a rigorous observational science if it is to deliver on its claims and remain relevant.”

Success Factors for Mutual Funds Worldwide

…mutual fund investors venturing into the international arena may want to apply these findings to screen funds according to size, age, fees, management and country.

Paying the Most for the Least?

…high mutual fund fees may signal poor investment returns, both before and after fees. Investors who focus on low-fee funds may enjoy a double payoff.

Three Questions on Naked Short Selling

Here are three relevant questions…

When a Secondary Stock Offering Is (or Is Not) Bad News

…secondary stock offerings are bad news for companies in financial management mode and neutral news for companies in growth mode. Firm accounting data indicate a company’s mode.

Selling Too Soon, and Holding on Hope?

…data from Taiwan strongly supports the conjecture that investors avoid taking losses so that they do not have to admit mistakes.