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Allocations for January 2023 (Final)
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Randomly Walking in Circles?

…Burton Malkiel continues to believe that the stock market is inexploitably efficient.

Do Day Traders Make Money?

…day trading is risky business. Practice and speed appear to be critical success factors.

Does Consumer Confidence Predict Stock Market Returns?

…consumer confidence is not a worthwhile indicator for stock market investors and traders.

Classic Paper: Piotroski’s Efficient Value Investing

…careful screening of value stocks using accounting fundamentals may be able to enhance returns significantly.

Fed Model: Predictive or Not?

…the Fed Model is inferior to fundamental valuation in predicting long-term stock returns, but it may have some tactical value.

Is Irrational Exuberance Over Yet?

…mean reversions of fundamental ratios are key predictors of future stock market returns.

Overview of Investor Herding

…investor and analyst herding and cascading help explain some observed stock market price phenomena.