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Avoid Companies Stretching for Diminishing Returns?

…the stocks of companies issuing equity and convertible debt tend to underperform over several years as they invest “easy money” into projects of diminishing returns.

If You Are in the Market for an Investment Advisor…

……you may be seeing something like this.

Paul Tracy: Authoritative?

We evaluate here the the market commentary of Paul Tracy available via Zacks.com since October 2002. Paul Tracy, founder and Chief Investment Strategist of StreetAuthority, is one of Zacks’ “pros.” StreetAuthority describes itself as “a research-intensive financial publishing firm that aims to level the playing field for small investors by giving them access to the… Keep Reading

Automating the “Hedge” in Hedge Funds

…synthetic hedge funds constructed statistically as mechanical trading strategies offer transparent, liquid, scalable, low-cost alternatives to actively managed hedge funds.

Stock Valuation Indicator Fly-off

…over the last 80 years, a few price-normalized variables (price-dividend, price-earnings, price-output and price-consumption ratios) and the approximate consumption-aggregate wealth ratio have been the best stock market indicators.

How Investors Do (or Don’t) Take Advice

…the difficulty of successful investing/trading probably makes many investors/traders underestimate their own knowledge/abilities and overestimate the knowledge/abilities of advisors.

The Political Campaign Contribution Effect

…investors might want lean toward companies that contribute to lots of political candidates (especially Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives).

Classic Papers: Returns from Pattern-Based Technical Analysis?

Are trades based on complex technical patterns, such as head-and-shoulders, rational speculations or noise? In other words, do such patterns reliably indicate opportunities to capture excess returns? In her July 1998 paper entitled “Identifying Noise Traders: The Head-And-Shoulders Pattern in U.S. Equities”, Carol Osler investigates whether head-and-shoulders trading is significant and whether it is profitable…. Keep Reading

Trade Against Overnight Moves?

…the overnight return on individual stocks is a contrary indicator for next-day returns, but individual “outside” traders may not be able to exploit this tendency.

Classic Paper: Any Excess Returns from Investment Newsletters?

…newsletters on average offer investors/traders average performance, without the broad diversification benefit of mutual funds.