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Allocations for March 2021 (Final)
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Capturing the Value Premium by Avoiding Institutional Ownership

…capturing the value premium means focusing on stocks with the lowest institutional ownership.

Market-Leading Industries

…some industries (such as financial and retail positively, and petroleum and metals negatively) lead the overall stock market. However, the indications are not economically significant for traders.

Do What the Company Does?

…firms sell (buy back) company financial assets when their stocks are overvalued (undervalued), and analysts misinterpret or underreact to these actions. Investors should focus on the actions of corporate executives and not the forecasts of analysts.

Combining Momentum and Value for Industry Rotation

…investors can enhance returns by combining value and momentum styles, leaning toward momentum when the yield curve is normal and value when the yield curve is inverted.

Scared by Randomness?

…investors/traders who check investment performance frequently should make mental adjustments for pain-avoidance bias.

Focus on Return on Investment, Not P/E

…investors should focus on return on investment as the driver of investment returns and earnings yield as the indicator of how large the returns should be.

Measuring Company Management Sentiment

…investors/traders generally underreact to the sentiment expressed by executives in company annual reports.

Jack Schannep on Market Timing and Current Market Conditions

Our Guru Grades section ranks a group of 29 stock market experts according to our assessments of the accuracy of their stock market forecasts. Since Jack Schannep has been in the upper tier of the list since inception, we asked him to encapsulate his thinking on market timing as a guest entry for this blog…. Keep Reading

Global Pricing of Large-capitalization Stocks?

…investors in large capitalization stocks are likely accepting a worldwide equity premium. Local (and identifiable) pockets of reward-for-risk involve small capitalization stocks.

VIX as an Indicator for Different Kinds of Portfolios

…both the long-term and short-term behaviors of the VIX appear to have some value as an indicator of future stock returns, especially for high-beta stocks.