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Do Finance Professors Believe in Market Efficiency?

Do the experts who arguably should have the most informed opinions, finance professors, believe that the U.S. stock market is efficient? Do they invest in accordance with their beliefs? In their August 2007 paper entitled “Market Efficiency and Its Importance to Individual Investors – Surveying the Experts”, James Doran, David Peterson and Colby Wright seek… Keep Reading

Do Some Individual Investors Consistently Outperform?

…some individual investors/traders do consistently earn economically significant abnormal returns.

Buy at the Close and Sell at the Open?

…both individual stocks and broad funds have, on average, appreciated overnight and stalled or declined during the trading day over the past 14 years. The first hour of trading may be the worst hour.

Caught in Cash for an Entire Bull Market

But the market is just unsafe at any speed…

Caught in the Too Fast Lane

But other people were forecasting even higher…

Today’s Risk Analysis

Risk analyzing stormy weather…

Does Technical Trading Work with Commodity Futures?

…market timing based on technical analysis is not reliably profitable for commodity futures.

Trader of the Week

Taking a break…

Political Influences on Stock Valuation Levels

…U.S. stocks tend be be most overvalued under Democratic Presidents, under popular Presidents, during election years and during years when no new major military conflicts start.

Naive Investors: Illusions of Personal Past Performance

…individual investors/traders should be diligent and honest in assessing personal past performance if they want to learn from experience.