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Paying the Most for the Least?

…high mutual fund fees may signal poor investment returns, both before and after fees. Investors who focus on low-fee funds may enjoy a double payoff.

Three Questions on Naked Short Selling

Here are three relevant questions…

When a Secondary Stock Offering Is (or Is Not) Bad News

…secondary stock offerings are bad news for companies in financial management mode and neutral news for companies in growth mode. Firm accounting data indicate a company’s mode.

Selling Too Soon, and Holding on Hope?

…data from Taiwan strongly supports the conjecture that investors avoid taking losses so that they do not have to admit mistakes.

Stock Buybacks Are Set-ups?

…prior downward management of earnings (via accruals) is one reason that firms repurchasing shares generate subsequent abnormal stock returns.

Jim Cramer Comments on Our Evaluations of His Advice

Jim Cramer sent comments on our evaluations of his advice (“Jim Cramer Deconstructed” and “Cramer Offers You His Protection”). Because of the nature of Mr. Cramer’s initial message, we retain the personal nature of the subsequent exchange with slight editing (spacing and punctuation) for readability, and substitution of descriptive links for long URLs. The correspondence… Keep Reading

Honing in on the Prospective U.S. Equity Risk Premium

…investors expect annual equity returns of 3-4% over the risk-free rate in coming years.

Avoid Companies Stretching for Diminishing Returns?

…the stocks of companies issuing equity and convertible debt tend to underperform over several years as they invest “easy money” into projects of diminishing returns.

If You Are in the Market for an Investment Advisor…

……you may be seeing something like this.

Paul Tracy: Authoritative?

We evaluate here the the market commentary of Paul Tracy available via Zacks.com since October 2002. Paul Tracy, founder and Chief Investment Strategist of StreetAuthority, is one of Zacks’ “pros.” StreetAuthority describes itself as “a research-intensive financial publishing firm that aims to level the playing field for small investors by giving them access to the… Keep Reading